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Student Gallery

Apply to have your own exhibition in the RIC student gallery. Learn more about eligibility requirements, submissions and our programming schedule.

Fig. 1

Benjamin Freedman: Observations of Foreign Objects in a Remote Town (installation view), 2017 © Riley Snelling, Ryerson Image Centre

Fig. 2

Alexa Phillips: Cyborg Clones (installation view), 2017 © Larissa Issler, Ryerson Image Centre


Housed within the Ryerson Image Centre, the Student Gallery showcases the work of current students or recent alumni (graduated within five years) from the Ryerson community. The Ryerson Image Centre is committed to providing students with a central venue and assistance in presenting their work to professional standards. Exhibitions are intended to engage audiences in dialogue with recent issues in contemporary photography, film, or new media work, presented in the form of thematic, curated group or solo exhibitions. Student work may be presented in exhibitions that include the work of Ryerson alumni or artists from outside of Ryerson as a way to feature their work in a deeper critical discussion around a given curatorial subject. On occasion, the Student Gallery may include the work of a senior artist in a group exhibition context with student work. Student Gallery programming endeavours to thematically reflect upon or compliment exhibitions in the main gallery space in order to position student work within an international forum. The Student Gallery may also be used for collection based exhibitions curated by students in the curations programs at Ryerson University.


Ryerson Student Gallery
Programming will be developed
in a number of ways, including:

  • Proposals received from an annual open call for submissions
  • Curatorial proposals initiated by independent curators (these may include students). Please note this must feature the work of Ryerson students or alumni*
  • Faculty directed or curated projects
  • Graduating exhibitions from the Documentary Media MFA program
  • An annual collection based exhibition curated by students in the FPPCM MA program
  • Other to be determined by the Ryerson Image Centre Director and Exhibitions Curator

*Graduated within the last five years. If you graduated before 2015 you are not eligible


To submit to the RIC
Student Gallery please:

**Due to the COVID pandemic, there will be no call for submissions for the Student Gallery in 2021. We are preparing to open our call for submissions again in spring 2022. If you have any questions please contact RIC Curatorial Coordinator, Sara Angelucci (**

Create a Drop Box Account:

  • Create a Drop Box Account:
  • Upload all documents listed above in a Folder with your LAST NAME
  • Invite Sara Angelucci to Share your Folder at:
  • (Drop Box provides instructions on folder sharing)
  • If you are submitting a video for consideration you may either send a link to Vimeo (preferred) or mail in a DVD with a “mov” file to:

    Sara Angelucci
    RSG Curatorial Coordinator
    Ryerson Image Centre
    33 Gould Street
    Toronto, ON
    M5B 1E9

Please UPLOAD the following documents to your Drop Box Folder. All written documents must be in .doc form:

1. 10 - 20 images representing the proposed project for exhibition. Image files should be no more than 1024 pixels wide (72 dpi) jpg.
2. An image list indicating title, year, medium and dimensions.
3. An artist or curatorial statement (one page maximum, word doc).
4. A physical description of the proposed exhibition, including the number of works, the planned layout for the RIC Student Gallery, equipment needed and/or provided, and any unusual installation requirements. A floor plan is available at
5. A curriculum vitae, resume or biography of the artist(s) and/or curator (including all artists if it is a curated exhibition). And any other supporting materials you would like to include (web links, reviews, etc.) Please remember to include your email address and phone number.
6. A 150 word version of your artist statement (word doc), 100 word version of your bio (word doc), and 4-5 high res images, 2 horizontal and 2 vertical (6” high, 300 dpi, RGB, tif file), with title credit (title, date, materials, size). If your exhibition is selected these materials will be used for promotional materials.
7. If you are submitting a DVD by mail, send to Ryerson Image Centre, Attention: Sara Angelucci, Student Gallery Curatorial Coordinator. If you would like it returned include a stamped self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage. Without an SASE your DVD will not be returned.

Important Information

Download submission guidelines in PDF format

Download the RIC Student Gallery floor plan in PDF format

**Due to the COVID pandemic, there will be no call for submissions for the Student Gallery in 2021. We are preparing to open our call for submissions again in spring 2022. If you have any questions please contact RIC Curatorial Coordinator, Sara Angelucci (**

  • The RIC Student Gallery will not exhibit work that has already been shown in Toronto outside of a school context. If you work was shown as part of a group show at Ryerson University, in Room IMA 310 or at Max Ex it is still eligible for an exhibition at the Student Gallery.
  • You may only exhibit in the RIC Student Gallery once. If you were in a group exhibition you may apply for a solo exhibition.
  • The RIC Student Gallery cannot be painted. Please do not request a particular colour as part of your exhibition planning. Paint colour will remain a neutral white or gray for each programming year to best suit the exhibitions selected for programming.
  • Please DO NOT send any original photographic or other original materials
  • The RIC Student Gallery does not accept submissions by fax or email.
  • Late submissions will not be accepted. 
  • Please allow for 8 weeks for a response
  • Selected exhibitions will receive an artist fee of $1,000.

For more information, please contact:
Sara Angelucci,