Winter exhibitions are on view until April 6, 2024. Stay in the loop via our email list.

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Winter exhibitions are open! Admission is always free. 

What's on

Young people carrying flags ride on top of a car in Prague.

Stories from the Picture Press: Black Star Publishing Co. & The Canadian Press

September 13, 2023–April 6, 2024
Main Gallery
Curators: Paul Roth, Gaëlle Morel and Rachel Verbin

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Otherworldly: Deborah Turbeville Photographs

January 17–April 6, 2024
University Gallery
Curator: Denise Birkhofer

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Portrait of a woman with a nosebleed

Brittany Newlove: What Should I Say?

January 17–February 24, 2024
Student Gallery 

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A film photograph showing two people standing on a beach as the sun sets.

Alexis Cordesse: Talashi

January 17–April 6, 2024
Salah J. Bachir New Media Wall
Curator: Gaëlle Morel

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Hilmar Pabel, Untitled [Youngsters protesting after the invasion of Czechoslovakia by five countries of the Warsaw Pact (the USSR, Hungary, Bulgaria, East Germany, and Poland), Prague, Czechoslovakia], 1968, gelatin silver print. The Black Star Collection, The Image Centre

Fig. 2

Deborah Turbeville, Asser Levy Public Bathhouse, New York, for Vogue (New York), 1975, black and white chromogenic print. The Image Centre, Gift of Eric Berthold, 2017 © Deborah Turbeville/MUUS Collection


Brittany Newlove, Nosebleed 1, 2020, inkjet print. Courtesy of the artist


Alexis Cordesse, Talashi (still), 2021–2024, multi-channel video © Alexis Cordesse