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Xin He: Better City, Better Life

January 25–February 25, 2023
Student Gallery

Xin He’s exhibition Better City, Better Life presents the transformation, from 2005 to 2009, of land along the Huangpu River in Shanghai to accommodate the 2010 World Expo. This 523-hectare site remains the largest in the Expo’s history. His images of the changes in land use reflect the past and present of Chinese development and offer insights into a future in which China’s power is increasingly tied to the fluxes and pressures of the international economy.

Red identification folded card with faded text and small photograph of Chinese man
Fig. 1

Xin He, Interior of upcoming demolishing buildings, 2007, inkjet print. Courtesy of the artist

Deteriorated structures made of cement and steel with wires strung between them and rubble on the ground
Fig. 2

Xin He, Shanghai No. 3 Steel Farm, inkjet print, 2008, 12" x 34. Courtesy the artist.  

Two Chinese people lay on a bed looking up. Running across the top of the photograph is a film negative projection
Fig. 3

Xin He, Better Life, inkjet print, 2010, 18" x 24." Courtesy the artist.