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Ken Woroner: Hardscrabble

June 19 – July 14, 2013
Student Gallery

Now known as Golden Valley, Hardscrabble was the name European settlers first gave to the small northern Ontario community upon their arrival in the 1870s. These two names neatly bracket the combination of struggle and promise present in this rural location and its starkly beautiful, economically challenging terrain. Straddling a divide between subjective concerns and empathetic engagement, this series of photographs blends the personal with the documentary. While disparate elements arc from introspection to wider perspectives, veiled references to intergenerational trauma imbue the work with a somber subtext.  These images of Golden Valley focus on the struggle to survive–the Hardscrabble.


Exhibition Tours
Daily 2:30 PM

All events take place at The Image Centre (formerly Ryerson Image Centre), unless otherwise noted

Girl looking out a window
Fig. 1

Ken Woroner, Untitled, date unknown. Courtesy of the artist

Installation Shots

A series of photographs on a white wall
Fig. 1

Ken Woroner: Hardscrabble (installation view), 2014 © Kate Tarini, The Image Centre

Wide shot of the Student Gallery
Fig. 2

Ken Woroner: Hardscrabble (installation view), 2014 © Kate Tarini, The Image Centre

A man in a blue jacket examines a series of framed photographs
Fig. 3

Ken Woroner: Hardscrabble (installation view), 2014 © Kate Tarini, The Image Centre